Health in foreign policy: global responsibilities and solidarity

  Health is an increasingly common element of foreign policy around the world, and global responsibilities and solidarity are becoming key to effective health policy at the international level. Let's explore this complex and important issue further.

   The role of health in foreign policy

  More and more countries are recognizing health as a key element of their foreign policy. This can include activities such as international health cooperation, participation in international health organizations, and the inclusion of health in trade negotiations and human rights agreements.

   Global responsibilities vs. health

  The responsibilities of so-called "global health governance" are to ensure that all countries and communities are responsible for promoting health at the global level. This can include, for example, pursuing universal health care coverage, committing to cooperate against global health threats such as pandemics, or promoting solidarity and cooperation in medical research.

   Health and international solidarity

  International solidarity is central to health in foreign policy. This solidarity can manifest itself in many ways, such as cooperation in research and development, joint responses to health crises, or support for countries facing specific health challenges.

   Challenges and rationale for the future

  One of the key challenges in this area is to ensure that global responsibilities and solidarity are adequately addressed in practice. In practice, this may mean pursuing health equity, promoting transparency and accountability, and confronting health inequities.


  Health is an increasingly pervasive element of foreign policy, and global responsibilities and solidarity are key to effective health policy at the international level. Despite the challenges, this approach has the potential to accelerate public health progress around the world, while promoting the values of equity, solidarity and mutual responsibility.


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