Dependence of health policy on research

  Health policy has deep roots in research. Research provides evidence that informs health policy decisions, improves the quality and effectiveness of health services, and helps shape future health policy.

   The role of research in health policy

  Research is key to understanding population health needs, identifying effective interventions and evaluating the impact of health policies. Research can encompass a variety of fields, such as epidemiology, public health, health economics, health psychology and many others.

   Application of scientific research in health policy

  Research is used in various ways in the context of health policy. For example, they can provide evidence about the effectiveness of various health interventions that inform decisions about funding and implementation of those interventions. They can also help understand how various factors, such as economics, environment or society, affect health and how these factors can be taken into account in health policy.

   Health policy and research funding

  Health policy also influences research through research funding decisions. These decisions can shape what research areas are prioritized, what the prospects are for future research and what opportunities exist for researchers working in the health field.

   Challenges and prospects

  While science plays a key role in health policy, there are also challenges. Accessing high-quality research, translating science into policy practice and maintaining commitment to research can be difficult. But science will continue to play a key role in the future of health policy, informing decisions and helping to create health policy that is evidence-based and serves to improve health and well-being.


  Research plays a key role in shaping health policy. They provide evidence to help inform decisions, improve the quality and effectiveness of health services and shape future health policy. Despite the challenges, science will continue to play a key role in health policy, helping to improve health and well-being around the world.


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