Potential side effects and safety of vaccination

  Vaccination is one of the most important tools in public health, helping to prevent millions of deaths from infectious diseases around the world. Like any medicine, vaccines can cause side effects, but these are usually mild and pass after a short time.   Common side effects  Most side effects of vaccines are mild and short-lived. The

Development and clinical trials of new vaccines

  The development of new vaccines is a complex and time-consuming process that begins with basic research and ends with clinical trials and registration. This process is designed to ensure that new vaccines are safe and effective.   Exploratory phase  The first step in the process of developing a new vaccine is the exploratory phase. This

Immunology: The effect of vaccination on the immune system

  Vaccination is a fundamental tool of preventive medicine that protects millions of people around the world from diseases spread by pathogens. The key to their effectiveness lies in the workings of the immune system. Understanding how vaccinations affect the immune system helps us better understand why they are so effective.   What is the

Review of the most common myths about vaccination

  Vaccinations are one of the most important medical advances that provide effective protection against many infectious diseases. Nevertheless, despite their indisputable contribution to public health, many myths and misunderstandings have grown up around vaccinations. In this article, we will dispel a few of them.   Myth 1: Vaccines cause

mRNA vaccines: Operation, efficacy and safety

  In recent years, mRNA-based vaccine technology has become a topic of intense research and discussion, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.   How do mRNA vaccines work?  MRNA vaccines work on a completely new mechanism compared to classical vaccines, which often use weakened or inactivated pathogens to trigger an immune

Latest developments in vaccination against various diseases

  Vaccination is one of the most important medical advances, providing effective protection against many infectious diseases. In recent years, there has been a significant evolution in the development of new vaccines, as science responds to demanding health challenges.   mRNA vaccines  One of the most important breakthroughs is the use of