Public health vs. global health systems

  Public health and healthcare systems around the world are inextricably linked. Public health focuses on improving the health of entire populations, while health care focuses on providing health services to individuals. The interaction of the two is key to improving global health.   Public health vs. health carePublic health and health care

Health education as a pillar of public health promotion

  Health education is a key tool in public health promotion. It enables people to gain the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to maintain health and prevent disease.   What is health education?  Health education is the process by which individuals and communities acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to make

Mental health in the context of public health

  Mental health is an integral component of public health and is crucial to the overall health and well-being of societies. In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on integrating mental health into overall public health strategies.   The importance of mental health  Mental health plays a key role in the overall health of

Health promotion in schools and workplaces

  Schools and workplaces play a key role in promoting health and well-being. They have a unique opportunity to influence the health of a large group of people over an extended period of time.   Health promotion in schools  Schools are ideal places for health promotion because they provide education and influence the behavior of young

Community action for public health

  Public health does not end with the actions taken by governments and health professionals. Equally important is the role of communities and individual actions that can have a significant impact on public health.   Promoting healthy lifestyles  One of the most important ways a community can contribute to public health is by promoting a

Public health and pandemics: lessons from COVID-19

  The COVID-19 pandemic reminded the world of the critical role of public health in responding to global health threats. In the course of this pandemic, public health science provided key tools and guidelines that enabled a coordinated global response.   Monitoring and response  One of the key public health components of the pandemic

The importance of public health in a global context

  Public health is crucial at the global level, leading to an understanding that the health of one community, country, or region affects the health of others. In an era of globalization, where diseases, information and people cross borders with incredible speed, public health becomes even more important.   Public health and infectious diseases

Travel vaccinations: when and why they are needed

  Travel gives us the opportunity to experience new cultures and places, but it also carries the risk of exposure to diseases that are rare or non-existent where we live. Therefore, before we embark on a trip, especially if it is to an area with a high risk of infectious diseases, we should consider appropriate vaccinations.   Why are

Vaccination in geriatrics: Importance and challenges

  The health of the elderly is often threatened by various infectious diseases. Vaccination in geriatrics is a key component of prevention and health care for this demographic group.   Importance of vaccinations in geriatrics  Vaccination for the elderly is important because age is one of the main risk factors for many serious infectious

Prevention and vaccination in pediatrics

 Pediatric vaccinations play a key role in the prevention of infectious diseases in children. Thanks to them, many serious and potentially fatal diseases that were once common have become rare.   The importance of vaccination in pediatrics  Vaccination is one of the most effective tools in preventive health care, especially in pediatrics